Pastor Guest is the pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church in Danielsville, Georgia. He has written a book, “Steps Toward The Mark of The Beast – The Christian’s Guide to the How and Why of the Coming Cashless / RFID Economic System” and it can also be read online (for free) at his website:

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  1. Pastor Guest — My name is Wally Wood in Houston. May I introduce myself to you?
    In 1974, I wrote my first book, “Cashless Society: A World Without Money,” published by the Southwest Radio Church in Oklahoma City with Dr. David Webber. In 1998, in response to their request that I write a sequel, I sought the Lord’s guidance, and He gave me the word “Diginomics,” for “digital economics.” Discovering the word did not exist, I submitted it to dictionaries everywhere (even Europe). In 2007, Merriam-Webster picked it up and credited me with creating a “new word in the English language.” An online search of the word “diginomics” yields a plethora of uses around the world now. I’ve been a journalist and reporter since the ’70s, including being connected with NASA/JSC since 1972. You can find out more through three of my five websites:, and You can also review my YouTube channel: I became acquainted with you in David Wolman’s 2012 book, “The End of Money.” I have some multimedia presentations that I give to churches and professional groups if you are interested. I would like to meet you online, if you like, and see if I can be of any help to you in this area that we have a mutual interest in. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. My name Firman Rato Risky. I’m post graduate University of Brawijaya in Indonesia. I wont aks you, What the benefit and aims for member of the better than cash alliance, becauce my country Republic of Indonesia joint wiht them.
    Thanks you pastor for your answer..

    • Thank you for contacting me to ask your question.

      Those who advocate a completely cashless economic system know that countries prefer the cashless system over cash because it will give them almost complete control over the people. Once a completely cashless system is in place, governments will be able to control all buying and selling and confiscate wealth from anyone’s financial account at will. This is why those in government will implement the cashless system.

      I encourage you to read closely Chapter 8 of “Steps Toward the Mark of the Beast”. The Chapter’s title is, “Why Government Will Implement the Cashless Monetary System”. The link to this chapter can be found on the homepage of “Steps Toward the Mark of the Beast” . This chapter also explains how the cashless economic system will give this power to governments.

      Also, The Better than Cash Alliance ( ) claims the individual will experience economic security and prosperity by becoming a part of the cashless banking system. This promise is why many people will willingly become a part of the cashless system.

      However, one day, according to Revelation chapter 13 of the Bible, a ruthless leader will take control of the governments of the earth. He will compel people to worship him as God. One of the ways he will force people to do this is make it impossible for them to buy or sell unless they take his mark. The only way I can see how this can be done is for cash to be eliminated.

      The only place of safety from what will come upon the earth is to be in Jesus Christ. Read chapters 13 ( ) and 14 ( ) of “Steps Toward the Mark of the Beast”.

      Thank you again for contacting me to ask your question.
      In Jesus,
      Pastor Glenn Guest

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