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2 thoughts on “Contact Pastor Guest

  1. Pastor Samwel Kebata June 25, 2017 at 12:41 pm

    Dear beloved in the lord Pastor Glenn Guest
    Praise the name of our lord, we are not worthy but through His bloodshed we all managed to live today. We are a young Christian fellowship worshiping under a shade of trees whereby we need more teachings to grow spiritually. We don’t have a fellowship name, we call It Nyamiobo Fellowship but Nyamiobo is the name of a place. So beloved we need you to come and give us a name. Finally dear beloved, I am caring 10 orphans who is so needy, for this I humbly request that please remember them in your dairy prayers so that God to provide them with basic needs more so food and school fees. By this, we meant to thank our God to direct us to your ministry out of the millions of ministries around the world. This might not sound unique for maybe you have received emails of great sense than ours, but I humbly request you to take time on this. As it’s your mission its through joining of hands with us that can bring redemption to Kenya. So to whoever who goes through this email if you feel our request of affiliated membership is difficult to handle, please you may take forward to other Christians, so as you may put heads together and through prayer I know God will show the right reaction to make.
    God bless you as we are waiting to hear your response.
    Pastor Samwel Kebata, Kisii Kenya.

  2. Hal Grisham July 22, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    Dear Pastor Guest

    I heard you give an outstanding presentation on why the “Pre-trib” position was in error….with an explanation as to why several verses used to justify that view were ” assumptions” taken out of context.

    Could you send me a link to that presentation…I should have added it to my favorites at the time…but alas I didn’t.

    Thank You Pastor, you are a blessing to the Body of Christ.

    Hal Grisham
    Portland Oregon

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