February 2019 Sermons



2 thoughts on “February 2019 Sermons

  1. A layman February 19, 2019 at 11:45 am

    In response to the 2-17-19-pm sermon:

    The prevalent description of Christianity today in America is nominal Christianity–Christian in name only.

    For years–which was most of my life–I believed the Roman Catholic Church to be the Great Whore and all the split-offs (denominations) to be the harlot daughters (because of the traditions they kept from their “mother of harlots”). I mainly believed this because it was what I was taught. I do not believe that I was taught entirely wrong. Nominal Christianity came about to be because of the continuation in the hand-me-down traditions of the “mother church” by her “protestant” daughters, thus becoming harlots themselves.

    If America, or a city in America (New York City) “could be Mystery Babylon” or the Great Whore, then, I see it at this time to be a result of God’s people allowing themselves, through the generations, to become more and more careless.Rejecting truths as led to by His word and His Spirit has resulted in America, our country, to be one with the highest concentration of nominal Christians on earth and New York City could very well be the city.

    I think that putting this sermon together with a sermon that David Wilkerson preached comes the closest to my view of just who Mystery Babylon really is. Here’s the sermon:

    After several hours or research, I have come to realize that there is a lot more to be learned, as far as myself is concerned. At this time I would really like to be able to buy this book–America the Babylon – America‚Äôs Destiny Foretold in Biblical Prophecy, by R. A. Coombes–but I can’t afford it. Maybe later. For now, I’m reading this webpage

    Thanks, Brother Glenn, for the sermon.

  2. A layman February 21, 2019 at 10:27 am

    The Power of Godliness:

    “…[W]hatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God” and “No man can serve two masters…Ye cannot serve God and mammon” is what keeps coming to my mind since I heard this sermon. J.W. Jepson says in his book, “It All Adds Up To Love“, “Obedience cannot be partial in the sense that the subject ever does, or can, partly obey and partly disobey at the same time.” Jepson clarifies by adding, “We progress in obedience, not into obedience. Obedience must be with the whole heart–that is, it must be honest–or it is not obedience at all. If obedience is with the whole heart–that is, if it is honest–it is full obedience. But if it is not, it is not obedience. It is hypocrisy. Jesus said, “He that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad” (Matt. 12:30).

    I have been admonished.

  3. “It All Adds Up To Love” can also be read online here.