February 14th, 2017:

Death of cash and total government control of spending – RT

February 9th, 2017:

USAID Launches Catalyst to Drive Cashless Payments in India

Marks the Next Phase of Partnership between USAID and Ministry of Finance to Facilitate Universal Financial Inclusion

This launch marks the next phase of partnership between USAID and India’s Ministry of Finance to help catalyze the rapid adoption of digital payments in India as a step toward achieving Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of universal financial inclusion to end “economic untouchability” in India.
October 18th, 2016:

Apple’s Next Goal: Killing Paper Money Once and For All – Fortune

October 14th, 2016:

President Obama and his advisors are meeting today to discuss military action against Syria and the Russian military in Syria.

From Reuters:


Nuclear war ‘IMMINENT’ as Russia tells citizens to find out where the closest bunkers are Express (UK)

From the article:

“NUCLEAR war could be imminent as Russia told its citizens to urgently prepare for a devastating radioactive conflict as relations with the West stoop to their lowest since the Cold War.”

October 13th, 2016:

Russian Television Warns of Nuclear War Amid US Tensions – ABC News

From the article:

“If it should one day happen, every one of you should know where the nearest bomb shelter is. It’s best to find out now,” according to one particularly fevered report on the Russian state-owned channel, NTV.

Russia’s main current affairs show, hosted by a presenter known by critics as the country’s propagandist-in-chief, recently spent two hours warning that Russia would defend itself with nuclear arms.

“We’ve had it with American scolding over Syria,” the show’s host, Evgeny Kiselyov, told his audience. “Impudent behavior,” from the U.S. he said, can take on “nuclear dimensions.”

October 11th, 2016:

Russian Government Officials Told To Immediately Bring Back Children Studying Abroad – Zerohedge

From the article:

Russian state officials and government workers were told to bring back their children studying abroad immediately, even if means cutting their education short and not waiting until the end of the school year…

“On the one hand, this is all part of a package of measures to prepare the elites for some ‘big war…

October 9th, 2016:

Russian Weather Report Discusses Nuclear Strike Against U.S. – Moscow Times

“…the host discussed the potential impact of a nuclear explosion in the U.S. state of Nebraska, explaining that it would knock out electronic devices as far away as southern Canada.”

October 5th, 2016:

Russian Defense Ministry tells citizens ‘nuclear war with the West could happen soon’

Metro Zvezda, a nationwide TV service run by the country’s Ministry of Defence, said last week, ‘Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.’…-soon-6171489/


Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for US intelligence – CNBC

“Yahoo last year secretly built a custom software program to search all of its customers’ incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials…”



An excellent piece which is loaded with points everyone should consider.

Why I am Leaving the Church Growth Movement – By Randy White


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