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Chapter 9

“And I beheld, and lo a black horse…”-- RFID Control of Food


And when he had opened the third seal, I heard

the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld,

and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had

a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice

in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of

wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley

for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the

wine. (Revelation 6: 5--6)


While many of the implications of the new closed economic system and how it will be used to achieve global dominance are obvious, the most ominous aspect of this system is that food supplies will be completely controlled and food will be used as a weapon. The most basic necessity of physical life is food. To control food is to control life itself. To be able to provide or withhold food to individuals or groups of people is to wield the ultimate weapon. Revelation chapter 6, verses 5 and 6 seem to indicate that there is coming a time when food will be very expensive and rationed to individuals on a daily basis. Food will be used by those in power to reward friends, and to punish or eliminate enemies.

Most people will accept this new economic system because of convenience, or because it seems to be necessary. Those who do not accept this system of economic slavery will face unbelievable pressure to make them comply. No doubt food will be a very powerful weapon that will be used against all nonconformists, whether they are individuals, or whole nations.

Not only will food will be used as the ultimate weapon to bring holdouts into the closed economic system, but it will also be used as a means to enforce the laws of the ruling elite.

One oft--repeated reason we are given to justify the inventorying, monitoring, and control of the food supply is that it is necessary in order to maintain a safe food supply. This is the "reason" that is given by the United States government for the implementation of what is presently called a “voluntary” program to track all livestock animals in the U.S. This program is called the "United States National Animal Identification Plan", or USAIP.

The USAIP is to be implemented in three phases. The first part of this plan, or Phase I, calls for "premises identification". This purpose of this part of the plan is to identify all the places where animals are raised or processed.

Phase II is the part of the plan that requires animals to be identified by numbers issued by the government. These numbers identify individual animals and the group or lot to which they belong. The purpose of Phase II is to track animals or groups of animals that normally would be transported as a group.

The final part of the plan, or Phase III, ties up the loose ends of the system by requiring all processing plants and other segments of the handling and distribution system to be in compliance with the program.

While we are assured at the present time that the USAIP is a voluntary program on the federal level, it is easy to see how this program will one day be mandatory. More than likely, all livestock animals will eventually be required to be tagged with ear tags containing RFID transponders or to have RFID transponders implanted in their bodies. Any one who raises livestock of any kind for market is now required to register their premises and livestock with the USAIP, or they will not be allowed to sell their livestock in certain markets. Before long, even those who raise livestock for their own use or consumption will also be required to register their animals with the USAIP system of animal tracking. The purpose of this will be, supposedly, to assure that their animals will not adversely affect the food supply.

One of the reasons given by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for participating in the National Animal Identification System is to, “protect your access to the markets”. Some foreign markets are already restricted to those who do not have a traceability program in place. While the livestock producer may not be “required“, at this time, to participate in the USAID program, he will not be able to sell his livestock unless both his farm and livestock are registered with the program.

Of course, once the government begins controlling who may sell livestock, it is but a small step for them to begin controlling who may buy food and other products that are derived from animals.

It is easy to see how refusal to register livestock could play a part in the coming persecution of Christians. Some Christians will see this program as a step toward the mark of the beast and will refuse to comply with the requirements to register their farm and their animals. Those who refuse to register their livestock will not be allowed to sell their products. If they continue to try to operate outside the system they will, no doubt, be accused of endangering public health and will face heavy fines and even prison.

The goal is that all food, not just livestock, will be brought under the control of this ever expanding tracking system which will monitor all production, processing, and distribution of every edible substance.

The United States is following the lead of the European Union, which has had a system of monitoring and controlling livestock and food production for years. The European Union has already imposed a system of controlling the production, processing, and distribution of all food and food ingredients upon the citizens of their member states. Once again, the cry for food safety is used to justify the implementation of their mandatory inventory and tracking system (they call it "traceability") of all food. This program went into effect January 1, 2005. A portion of the regulations pertaining to traceability reads as follows;

Section 2 of Article 18 of EU Traceability Guidelines 2005:

Food and feed business operators shall be able to identify any person from whom they have been supplied with a food, feed, a food producing animal, or any substance intended to be, or is expected to be, incoporated into a food or a feed. To this end, such operators shall have in place systems and procedures which allow for this information to be made available to the competent authorities on demand.

Section 21 reads:

Food and feed business operators systems and procedures to identify the other businesses to which their products have been supplied. this informaation shall be made available to the competent authorities on demand.

These two sections of the European Union's food law require that all food producers keep detailed records concerning the origins of the food they buy and the names of those who acquire their food products. Records are to be kept by the farmer, processor, distributor, retailer, and so on. While the EU does not yet require food items to be tracked by RFID, it will be required eventually. A single standardized method of record keeping will prove to be more efficient and less cumbersome than the several methods which are now being used.

Of course, no law or program is efective unless it is enforced. The European Union is taking steps to ensure compliance with its programs by setting up a system of spy satellites. According to an article published in the London Daily Telegraph, satellites are being put in place by the EU "to ensure nations and private individuals are obeying its policies." The purpose of these satellites will include, "watching for agricultural and fisheries fraud and boosting 'internal security'." No doubt "agricultural fraud" will include farmers who grow more crops than are permitted under the government--controlled allotment system and perhaps even the individual who is so bold as to have an unregistered garden.

Offenses considered "fisheries fraud" will be crimes such as fishermen catching what is considered too many fish in a certain area or within a certain period of time. It could become a criminal offense for someone to become a serious fisherman in order to feed himself or his family. Even raising fish in a private pond will be closely regulated by the food police. Everyone must be brought to the point where they are completely dependent upon government and government alone, so they can be controlled.

One can only wonder who is going to be considered a threat to "internal security". Individuals who are seen as a threat to the state are going to be monitored by these satellites of Big Brother. More than likely, any behavior that is observed by satellite and is perceived to be contrary to the new social order will bring the wrath of the Beast system upon the offender.

We are told that these food control programs and monitoring systems are essential to ensure that our food supply is safe. The idea is that by inventorying and tracking livestock we can trace outbreaks of animal--borne disease and prevent its spread among animals and people. The tracking of other food items will allow for the timely recall of dangerous or contaminated foods. What is obvious is that this same system of food tracking can also be used as an important part of a food rationing system. Such a system could be used to distribute food to people based on need or to force compliance with government policies.

One argument will probably be for the redistribution of food supplies so that the poor will have enough to eat. "We're doing it for the children". We will be told that by implementing this food control system we can eliminate the age old scourges of hunger and starvation. We can ensure that the distribution of food will be done in a fair and equitable manner. It is not difficult, though, to imagine those who are now redistributing our monetary wealth for their own political purposes doing the same with the food supply.

Once all food is inventoried and becomes traceable, it will be a relatively simple matter to allocate to every person on Earth a "balanced diet" of a specific nutritional value and a minimum and maximum caloric value. The rationing could be done on a daily basis to be certain that no one will have enough food to trade or to give to someone else.

A marvelous by--product of this noble plan is that we could also eliminate obesity and improve the general health of the over--eaters who live in the more prosperous nations. A case for reducing the amount of food allocated to certain individuals can be made by pointing out that many health problems are caused by eating too much fat, too much sugar, too much junk food, or by just eating too much. We'll all be healthier and happier if Big Brother controls our diets.

Since government has taken control of healthcare through the many programs that it has imposed upon us, it can be said that controlling the kinds and the amounts of the food we consume must be done for economic reasons as well. There will be some who will argue that unless we reduce the number of illnesses that are caused by poor eating habits, our healthcare system might be jeopardized. We will be given a multitude of "reasons" why government control of the food supply is necessary.

It must be remembered, though, that this system of food control can also be used to deny food to any group or individual who refuses to conform to the new economic and politicall order.  


After this I saw in the night visions, and behold

a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong

exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it

devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the

residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from

all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten

horns. (Daniel 7:7)


Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the

fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be

diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the

whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it

in pieces. (Daniel 7:23)


Since we all must purchase food, clothing, shelter and other necessities of life in order to survive, it is easy to see how the power to control all buying and selling will be used as a weapon to exert tremendous pressure on those who refuse or even hesitate to become a part of this new economic system. The very real threat of being denied the basic necessities of life will cause many to submit to the system and the oppressive laws that will be implemented. To refuse to become part of the system will mean becoming an economic non--entity trying to survive without being able to purchase the most basic necessities of life.


“…behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly;”

Any person who refuses to obey the edicts of the ruling elite, or whole groups of people who hold a common belief that is considered to be a threat to those who hold power, can be shut out of the closed economic system. The cashless/RFID economic system will be the means by which the globalists will gain complete control of the economic and political systems of the world. Anyone who resists their takeover will be denied access to their wealth and to the marketplace, making it impossible for them to buy or sell.

In addition to being denied food, those who are considered enemies of the state, or non--conformists will also be denied access to medical care. They will be not be treated by a doctor or hospital, and it will be impossible to purchase medication. If such a person finds a doctor who will agree to see them, the physician will not be able to access the person’s medical records, which will be stored in a closely guarded data base.

Merchants and manufacturers who do not become part of the system will not be able to buy goods or raw materials. They will not be able to offer their products for sale if they are not part of the cashless/RFID system because they will not be able to receive payment for the goods or services they provide. Businesses won't be able to pay employees unless they have access to their funds, which will be held captive within the closed economic system. They will be compelled to conform and operate within the rules and laws of those who control the closed monetary system. To refuse means being cut off from being able to buy or sell.

Such a closed economic system will be used to reward those who submit to the ruling authorities and punish those who do not. Those who speak out against the system will be considered enemies of the state and will be declared economic non--entities by the state. To resist the power of the state will bring deprivation for them, their families, and all who are associated with them.


As with Individuals, So Too With Whole Nations

This unprecedented power to control all buying and selling will also be used to bring entire nations under the control of the beast. If a country resists the pressure to submit to those who hold the power in the new economic system, then that country will not be permitted to trade with the other nations that do become part of it. If a country does not use the new system of electronic credits, then it will not have a currency to use in its trade with other countries. Like the individuals who refuse to become part of this new economic system, whole countries will be forced into submission.

Throughout history, tyrants have attempted to use military force and police power to conquer the world. The reason these previous attempts of world domination have failed is that the people who were conquered could not be effectively controlled. There can never be enough soldiers and police to watch every person. However, where military and police forces have failed in the past, the ultimate weapon of complete economic control will succeed.



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